Marcus Roberts Trio

I have been stalking Marcus for some time, and have been enthralled my his music since I first heard him playing with Wynton MArsalis in the mid 1980s. We finally got to meet in South Carolina at the Savanah Music Festival, where Rob Gibson engineered a meeting at a jam session after hours. We were both kind of shook up by how well that went, and it led to us getting together for an album and extended touring together that was a great pleasure, and a major learning experience for me.

It is the most conventional ‘jazz’ setting I have played in, although the guys could play absolutely anything, and although we didn’t play standards. This might be the closest to living a jazz life that I have experienced. I will tell you that Miles, Coltrane and Jelly Roll Morton were discussed every day on tour.

You can hear us meeting on the CD:
Across The Imaginary Divide