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‘Béla Fleck and Abigail Washburn’ is a new CD of duets by Béla and Abigail. It features original and traditional material that showcase Abigail’s voice and their two different banjo styles, on various types of banjos, such as cello, baritone and uke, along with their regular banjos. Album was released on October 7, 2014. Order Now!


Béla Fleck & the Flecktones

We started our band in 1988, and 25 years later we still love to play together. In the first 15 years we never took a year off, so now we take them off regularly to do other projects, but we still come back together every few years – to share our musical energy, history, and friendship. Over the years there …


Touring with Abigail Washburn

What can I say about my wife Abby, except that the first time I listened to a CD of her music, I started driving so fast that I got pulled over for speeding and was made to walk the line by the men in blue! She’s a beautiful singer/songwriter who builds her material around her distinctive claw-hammer banjo style. This …


Banjo Summit

The Banjo Summit is an idea that came from Peter Lesser, up at the Egg in Albany. He put together a concert with all the New York banjo pickers he could get. It was an epic 4 hour explosion of raw banjo energy. Ten years later he asked a few of us if we might do a reunion, which turned …


With Chick Corea – the Enchantment

This album and tour were (and are still) a dream come true for me. Imagine getting to play with one of my heroes, create a set of new duet music together with him for banjo and piano, and play beautiful concert halls in such an intimate acoustic setting, and you can see why I’m still shaking myself. We made the …



Throw Down Your Heart, Tales From the Acoustic Planet Vol 3, 2 CDs – parts one and two. These albums, the tours and the documentary came out of an incredible trip I took with my brother Sascha in 2005 to Uganda, Tanzania, Mali and The Gambia to jam with incredible local musicians, and to research the roots of the banjo …


With Edgar Meyer and Zakir Hussain

Edgar is one of my special friends, sometimes he’s an inspiration, sometimes he’s a musical partner and he’s always a dear friend. After exploring our duo in some depth (Music For Two) we decided to team up with Zakir Hussain, the tabla virtuoso for a triple concerto – (that’s what you get when a double concerto just isn’t enough). The …