Marcus Roberts Trio

I have been stalking Marcus for some time, and have been enthralled my his music since I first heard him playing with Wynton MArsalis in the mid 1980s. We finally got to meet in South Carolina at the Savanah Music Festival, where Rob Gibson engineered a meeting at a jam session after hours. We were both kind of shook up …


Béla Solo

I have been writing pieces for solo banjo since I started playing, but had been so busy playing in bands that I didn’t get around to playing any solo gigs – until recently. I almost always do a solo piece in every band setting, and I look forward to that part of every show. When you play solo, your attention …


With Brooklyn Rider String Quartet

After premiering the Impostor Concerto, and getting a record deal, the question was – what else would go on the record? I decided to write a piece for banjo and string quartet, kindly commissioned by Butler University. After doing my research on string quartets, a powerful tide pushed me towards Brooklyn Rider, one of the very special groups playing in …


Béla to teach Silkroad’s Global Musician Workshop in June.

An all-star faculty will come together for this weeklong program where musicians of any background can immerse themselves in a wide range of traditions and cultures with artist-faculty teaching musical styles from around the world. More info can be found in this video. For more information: click here