3 Finger Black

3 Finger Black: a collaboration with smith teamaker

Smith Teamaker, the most uncommon name in tea, is thrilled to debut its first Maker’s Series of 2018, a collaboration tea with Grammy award-winning banjo player and self-professed tea lover, Béla Fleck. The limited-edition blend developed with Smith’s head teamaker Tony Tellin, titled “3-Finger Black,” is an innovative combination of three highly prized black teas, scented in-house, that showcase the …

Hangin and Sangin

Hangin’ & Sangin’

Béla and Abigail Washburn sat down with The Bluegrass Situation for Hangin’ & Sangin‘.

DownBeat Magazine

DownBeat Magazine Reviews Echo In The Valley

With nothing more than a couple of banjos, Béla Fleck and Abigail Washburn have pulled off something close to miraculous with Echo in the Valley. Of course, there’s more involved here than the instruments; the heart of the project is this husband-wife team’s virtuosity and vision. Speaking generally, Fleck is the revolutionary, the greatest innovator within this legacy since Earl …