Banjo Love is Back!

Back by popular demand! Béla & Abigail launched their Banjo Love project last fall, asking fans to submit portraits with their banjos – the classic “fanjo” picture. The results where huge and turned into the photo mosaic you see pictured on the left and in the three photo galleries on this website.

If you missed the first round of photo submissions, we are now accepting new photo entries from October 1 – November 1 to expand the collection! Creative interpretations of banjos are absolutely welcome, but at least one banjo per photo is a must.

We received many requests to buy the final mosaic poster…so we decided to print and have these available before the holidays this year! The final mosaic poster will be 20 x 30.” We will print a limited quantity, so order during our pre-sale!

The final mosaic will include every photo we received. So submit a photo and pre-order your poster now!

Pre-Sale starts October 1 and ends on November 1. Posters ship on December 1.

Click here to add your photo or preorder your poster!