Banjo Summit

The Banjo Summit is an idea that came from Peter Lesser, up at the Egg in Albany. He put together a concert with all the New York banjo pickers he could get. It was an epic 4 hour explosion of raw banjo energy. Ten years later he asked a few of us if we might do a reunion, which turned into a tour, then a second tour – and now a third one. The line up can be different from tour to tour, but we’ll always have some of the best banjo players around, and showcase a lot of interaction between the players.

This run we have Tony Trischka (Country Cooking, Steve Martin), Ritchie Stearns (of the Horseflies), Eric Weissberg (the Dueling Banjos guy!), Noam Pikelny (of Punch Brothers), Bill Keith (Bill Monroe, Jim Rooney, David Grisman), and special guest Abigail Washburn. She’s not from New York, but I am and she’s married to me. So she’s married to the mob, sort of.
We also have a very strong band featuring Russ Barenburg, Casey Driessen, Jesse Cobb and Corey DiMario.