Rocket Science – Béla Fleck and the Flecktones

with Victor Lemonte Wooten, Future Man and Howard Levy

Label: E1 Records

Victor, Future Man and I were getting the urge to Flecktone once again, after a couple of years where we had only played together over the holidays, for the Jingle All The Way tours. But Jeff Coffin had taken a full time job playing with Dave Mathews Band, which we fully supported. We just weren’t working enough to keep him from a great opportunity like that. So how would we do the Flecktones now? We asked Howard Levy if he’d consider coming back, and he was eager to do so. We didn’t want to be an oldies band, so we made a new album and spent nearly a year back together doing full-time touring, playing the music from our first 3 albums with Howard, and this new one. What a great year it was!