Flight Of The Cosmic Hippo – Bela Fleck and the Flecktones

the second Flecktones album same personnel Label: Warner Brothers The Flecktones hit the road hard in 1990, now that I was no longer in NGR. Everyday at soundcheck, we worked on new ideas – so we had lots of music to record when the time came. We played the new tunes live and developed them in front of an audience, …


Béla Fleck And The Flecktones

Howard Levy, Victor Wooten and Future Man Label: Warner Brothers the first Flecktones album. While Strength and New Grass Revival were both active and thriving, I was up to my own solo mischief. I had met Howard Levy in Chicago when he sat in with Jethro Burns – who was opening up shows for New Grass at Holstein’s. Howard was …


The Telluride Sessions – Strength In Numbers

with Sam Bush, Jerry Douglas, Edgar Meyer and Mark O’Connor Label: MCA After Edgar Meyer moved to town, he invited Mark 0’Connor, Jerry Douglas, Sam Bush and myself to play on his first solo recording (which I co-produced), called Unfolding. We did a set at a downtown street festival called Summer Lights with this band that really surprised all of …


Friday Night in America – New Grass Revival

Sam Bush, Pat Flynn and John Cowan Label: Capitol This was our final album as a band. I’m really proud of what we were able to achieve together. We may not have rung the bell at the top of the charts, but we made music that was strong and true, and so many people loved it.



a compilation featuring selections from Deviation, Snakes Alive, Double Time and Inroads Label: Rounder


Drive – Béla Fleck Bluegrass Project

featuring Sam Bush, Jerry Douglas, Stuart Duncan, Mark O’Connor, Tony Rice and Mark Schatz Label: Rounder Following Deviation and Inroads, both fairly modern and forward leaning albums, it seemed like a good time to reconnect to my roots. After guesting on Tony Rice’s Cold on the Shoulder album, I was convinced that an instrumental band that included Tony, Sam and …


Daybreak – Béla Fleck

compilation featuring selections from Crossing The Tracks, Fiddle Tunes For Banjo, Anchored To The Shore and Natural Bridge Label: Rounder


New Grass Revival – New Grass Revival

with Sam Bush, Pat Flynn and John Cowan Label: Capitol This was our major label debut. Capitol Records signing a band like us in Nashville was a pretty much unheard of development. Now were walking the line, trying to figure out how to completely be ourselves and still crack the top 40 country music charts. It was a tough line …



solo album featuring Sam Bush, Jerry Douglas, Pat Flynn, Kirby Shelstad, Mark O’Connor, John Cowan, Timothy Britton, Edgar Meyer Label: Rounder At this point, I was eager to play some of the music I was writing that wasn’t really appropriate for the bluegrass lineup of instruments. I put together a band called ‘Banjo Jazz’ that played occasionally in Nashville when …