New Grass Revival – New Grass Revival

with Sam Bush, Pat Flynn and John Cowan Label: Capitol This was our major label debut. Capitol Records signing a band like us in Nashville was a pretty much unheard of development. Now were walking the line, trying to figure out how to completely be ourselves and still crack the top 40 country music charts. It was a tough line …



solo album featuring Sam Bush, Jerry Douglas, Pat Flynn, Kirby Shelstad, Mark O’Connor, John Cowan, Timothy Britton, Edgar Meyer Label: Rounder At this point, I was eager to play some of the music I was writing that wasn’t really appropriate for the bluegrass lineup of instruments. I put together a band called ‘Banjo Jazz’ that played occasionally in Nashville when …


Live – New Grass Revival

Sam Bush, Pat Flynn and John Cowan Label: Sugar Hill Live concert from Toulouse, France We had the opportunity to play an amazing festival in Toulouse – several times actually. This festival was well promoted and it was a huge success. One year when we came, they put my likeness on billboards all over town. My head swelled up almost …


On the Boulevard – New Grass Revival

Sam Bush, Pat Flynn and John Cowan Label: Sugar Hill Hey we finally put out a record! After being in NGR for 3 years, this was the first recording we released. There is a purity about this recording that still makes it my favorite NGR record.



solo album featuring Sam Bush, John Cowan, Pat Flynn, Mark O’Connor, Jerry Douglas and others Label: Rounder Also this year, I got excited about trying drums out for the first time on record with Kenny Malone. I added him to the New Grass Revival line-up, peppered in Jerry Douglas and Mark O’Connor, and a very special session ensued.


Double Time – duets

with David Grisman, Mark O’Connor, Tony Rice , Mark Schatz, Sam Bush, Pat Flynn, John Hartford, Ricky Skaggs, Edgar Meyer, and Mike Marshall Label: Rounder Around the end of 1983, New Grass was taking a break, while Sam Bush recovered from a medical situation. I drove from Nashville to San Francisco, and got to record and hang out with Mike …


Live in Japan – Spectrum – Rounder.

This was recorded on tour in Japan, and released after we had split up. I love the album cover – us guys surrounded by Japanese school kids, all of them wearing the same black outfits. We covered a hit Japanese song on this album, and played our stuff with Jimmy Mattingly still on board. He didn’t get to drive here.


The Dreadful Snakes

Jerry Douglas, Pat Enright, Blaine Sprouse, Mark Hembree, Roland White – Traditional Bluegrass Music Label: Rounder Having moved to Nashville to join New Grass Revival, after Jerry promoted me as a possible new band member to Sam Bush, I was also excited about the idea of playing some trad grass with Jerry and my old friend Pat Enright. We had …


It’s Too Hot For Words – Spectrum

with Jimmy Mattingly, Mark Schatz, Glenn Lawson, and Jimmy Gaudreau Label: Rounder This was our second studio record. A cool young fiddle player had turned up, named Jimmy Mattingly, so we made him drive our turtle topped van late at night at high speeds through Kentucky, in order to toughen him up. Later he got his revenge by scoring an …