Fiddle Tunes For Banjo

with Tony Trischka and Bill Keith. Featured Russ Barenberg, Andy Statman, Sam Bush, and others

Label: Rounder

An album celebrating the long tradition of playing fiddle tunes on the 5-string banjo.

While I was living in Lexington, Ky. the idea of this record came into being. I recorded my tracks at Lemco, with the legendary Cecil Taylor, and took the chance to play some lead guitar as well, something I never did again in a bluegrass context. My elbow never liked it when I flat picked so I gradually had to let it go. I was proud to be on a record with these two banjo icons, who were both massive influences on me. Tony and Bill and I recorded a track together at my folks house, which I’m really glad about. I wish we had done more together, now.