Little Worlds – Béla Fleck & the Flecktones

with the Chieftains, Bobby McFerrin and many other guests

Label: Sony

We started recorded stuff for this and before we knew it we had way more than we needed for an album. Sony folks came down from New York to give it a listen and said – ‘hey why don’t you put it all out?’ I wasn’t expecting this response from a label, especially with what was starting to happen to record sales, so I said yes before they could change their mind! But if it was going to be triple album, maybe we should invite some friends in, to make it more diverse. That led to a lot of new and old friends taking part in what became more of a community release. Bobby McFerrin, The Chieftians and Derek Trucks, are a few of our new friends. We did put out the triple CD, but just to play it safe, also put out the single 10 from Little Worlds, which was the only one that lots of stores ordered. I imagine the triple CD is a bit of a collector’s item at this point. One other fun item was the manufactured comedy conversation that we assembled between Yankee’s center fielder Bernie Williams, and David St Hubbins (actually Micheal McKean) from Spinal Tap. They are driving around flipping the stations, and hear all this different crappy music before they find the opening track of the recording. All the bands you hear as they flip around the stations are us,and we’re playing altered and dumb versions of the songs on the record – as a heavy metal band, a country band, a madrigal vocal group, etc. We thought we were being really cagy and smart by making an introduction that could only be found by starting the first track and then holding the rewind tab on the CD player til it got to the beginning of the intro. It was called a hidden track; these were popular at the time. Now I think it was really stupid because nobody every heard the darn thing and it was a lot of fun to make. I have only a few regrets about the records I have made, and this is one of them. We should have started the record with this, loud and proud.