Natural Bridge

featuring Mark O’Connor, David Grisman, Mike Marshall and Sam Bush, Jerry Douglas and others

Label: Rounder

Part 1:
This album started out with a different plan altogether, which was to reunite David Grisman and Tony Rice from DGQ for some tracks with me. Mark O’Connor was excited to be back on fiddle, since he was playing guitar full time with David at the time. But it was just too soon to get David and Tony back together, and the session self combusted on the night before Schatz and I were to fly out west to record. We went back to the drawing board, Darol Anger came on fiddle, O’Connor went over to guitar and also did some spectacular double fiddling with Darol. Grisman played and Mike Marshall guested. It turned out the way it was supposed to, and I still love the tracks we recorded.

Part 2:

Having become pretty good friends at this point with Jerry Douglas, he floated the idea that we make our records with similar bands, at the same time, in a studio in Ashland City, Tn. He recorded his album Tennessee Fluxedo, while I recorded the remaining tracks for Natural Bridge with Jerry, Sam Bush, Jimmy Gaudreau, Mark Schatz and David Parmely.