Outbound – Béla Fleck & the Flecktones

Label: Columbia

What a difference a year makes. We had moved to Sony Records, after a bidding war between three major labels. Sony had the bonus aspect of being a place where I could record on the classical side for Peter Gelb, who worked with Edgar. At this time Branford Marsalis was heading up the Jazz side, and we also had the commitment for some pop marketing for the Flecktones, so it seemed like a pretty good fit all the way around. We decided that more is more, and we added a pile of special guests to the line up for this album. They included Paul McCandless, Paul Hansen, Dave Mathews, John Anderson from Yes, throat singer Kongar-ol Ondar, Sandip Burman on tablas and Andy Narel on Steel Pans. Future Man sang a couple of vocals on this album, and we were getting better at that, I believe. But vocals were just a piece of the puzzle, not the center of what we were about.