Rolling Stone Premieres Collaboration Video with Bela, Abigail Washburn, and Pilobolus

You can watch Béla and Abigail Washburn’s video for “Come All You Coal Miners/Take Me To Harlan” featuring Pilobolus here. Béla had this to say about Harlan, KY:

“My connection to Harlan began when I was 17, and got my first ‘big time’ gig, playing with the great Hazel Dickens. Hazel was promoting the film Harlan County USA at Lincoln Center, and she was performing songs before the film was shown. Because of my experience I got to see the film, which was very powerful and deep, all about the battle between the coal companies and the miners for human right. Since then I have been aware of Harlan, and that name brings a lot of images. When we were writing the song, I could access those images and they created a starting point for my part of the story that we told.”