Tabula Rasa –

with V.M. Bhatt, Jie-Bing Chen, Ronu Majumdar, Poovalur Srinivasan and Sangeeta Shankar

Label: Water Lily Acoustics.

I was aware of a beautiful recording called Meeting By The River, which featured the meeting of Indian slide guitarist V.M. Bhatt with Ry Cooder. A while later V. M. Bhatt made another lovely recording with Edgar Meyer and Jerry Douglas. These recordings were done in a church in Santa Barbara, and recorded with amazing fidelity to analog tape on one stereo mike. The musicians were arranged around that mike until the correct balance was achieved and all the reverb came from the amazing room that the recording was done in. Th genius behind this was a burmese cat named Kavi Alexander. When he invited me to join the illustrious list of musicians who had recorded there, I suggested that we bring in some other elements along with V. M. Bhatt. We brought in a brilliant chinese er-hu player named Jeibing Chen, and we utilized some of the other musicians traveling with Bhatt on tour, Ronu and Sangeeta. Also on board was a great mridungum player named Srinivas. I love this project, perhaps it’s the sleeper – a favorite unsung album in my discography.