Tales From The Acoustic Planet

a solo project featuring Chick Corea, Sam Bush, Bruce Hornsby, Edgar Meyer, Branford Marsalis, Jerry Douglas, Paul McCandless, Tony Rice, Matt Munde, Victor Wooten and Future Man

Label: Warner Brothers

My deal with Warner Brothers included the option for occasional solo albums, and it felt like it was time to exercise it. I decided to bring the acoustic side of things back to front and center, and I loved the idea of an Acoustic Planet. I wasn’t quite sure what it actually was, but it resonated. Just as we released the album, we received word that guitarist Craig Chaquico was putting out an album with the same name. I wasn’t prepared to change titles at this point and we decided to go with it anyway. I don’t think we impacted each other in any way, looking back – so we made the right decision. One highlight of this recording was the first chance to record with my hero Chick Corea, in LA. In one day we cut a track with Chick and Edgar, a duet with me and Chick, a trio with Branford and Edgar and a track with Chick, Branford, Future Man and Victor, called Backwoods Galaxy (which I guess could have been a good alternate album title actually, but maybe too Flecktone’y for my solo project). We were done recording by 3 pm… I also used this album as a way to sniff out some possible collaborators for the Flecktone’s future. Paul McCandless was a guy I was particularly interested in, and he came and played beautifully. Matt Munde from Aquarium Rescue Unit was brought in to play mandolin on some stuff after Sam Bush broke his arm playing football, I think. Tony Rice played, Bruce Hornsby and Stuart Duncan and Jerry Douglas and Edgar came too. As time went on Paul, Sam, Bruce, Stuart and Edgar all did shows guesting with the Flecktones. Paul and Sam did over a year with us each.