The Enchantment – with Chick Corea

Concord LG
(Latin Grammy Winner)

I was standing around backstage at the Newport Jazz Festival, where I was playing with Stanley Clarke and Jean Luc Ponty, when Ted Kurland walked up to chat. He mentioned that next year, my hero Chick Corea was looking to tour in a duo format, and I was on the list of possible collaborators. That was an exciting conversation, and I was thrilled at the idea of spending that kind of time making music with Chick. We started sending music to each other on line, and finally met to record in LA at Mad Hatter. We ran through a few things on the night before the session at the hotel, and that was the whole rehearsal. The album was recorded in just a few days, and immediately mixed. This was the first time since Drive that I had made an album so fast and with so little rehearsal. And it turned out great. Then we went out on tour, and did a lot of live dates where we got deeper into the music – and the spontaneity that is possible in an intimate setting like this. We’ll be doing some select dates in 2014. And we intend to release a live album in the not too distant future. This album won a Latin Grammy.