The Sparrow Quartet (EP) – Abigail Washburn & The Sparrow Quartet

with Casey Driessen and Ben Sollee

Label: Nettwerk Records.

This project came out of a trip to China I took with my girlfriend at the time (now we are married) Abigail Washburn. She invited three musicians to China to play with her, Ben Sollee, Casey Driessen and myself. We knew it would be a weird line-up for a band, but since we were in China perhaps noone would notice! And really we were there to experience China, and have fun together, not to start a band. But when we got there and started playing, we realized that the bizarre string quartet combo of cello, violin and two banjos was actually a viable offering. We recorded this EP just for the heck of it, to show what it sounded like, and to see what people thought about it.