The Telluride Sessions – Strength In Numbers

with Sam Bush, Jerry Douglas, Edgar Meyer and Mark O’Connor

Label: MCA

After Edgar Meyer moved to town, he invited Mark 0’Connor, Jerry Douglas, Sam Bush and myself to play on his first solo recording (which I co-produced), called Unfolding. We did a set at a downtown street festival called Summer Lights with this band that really surprised all of us. It wasn’t only the music, which was different than anything any of us had done or heard before, but the audience reaction was stunning. I mentioned the combo to the folks at Telluride Bluegrass Festival, where most of us already had considerable profile. We took over the slot that was typically the festival jam set and played all of our tunes together to another amazing reception. This led to us recording ‘The Telluride Sessions’, which occurred in Nashville. Edgar Meyer, using his prodigious mathematical skills – or maybe it was Mark – figured out that if we each cowrote a tune with each other member of the group, it would come out to 10 tunes and be an equal compositional collaboration. So that’s what we did. We recorded for 7 days, if I remember correctly. And we recorded the tunes in the order that they appear on the record.