Throw Down Your Heart Part 2 – Unreleased tracks

Self Released

I had decided against making Throw Down Your Heart into a double album, because I didn’t want that to be the impediment that stopped people who were on the fence from buying the CD. Folks really have to be sure if they are going to buy a double album! So what was I going to do with the incredible tracks that didn’t make the cut? I thought I’d better do something with them while people still were thinking about the first album, so I self released a 2nd album with all the stuff that I’d felt so bad about not including. Honestly these tracks are just as good. I had to pick between 2 great tracks from some of the artists, and some people hadn’t even made the first album, and I regretted it. Imagine my surprise when TDYH Part 2 won a Grammy for Best World Music Album, just like the first one one did!