Uncommon Ritual

with Edgar Meyer & Mike Marshall

Label: Sony

My pal Edgar Meyer was making recordings for Sony Classical at this time. He had done the marvelous Yo Yo Ma and Mark O’Connor collaboration, Appalacian Waltz, and was now looking for a new setting to explore. We had talked about working together again, and loved the idea of playing with our friend Mike Marshall in a trio format. Edgar was the first to say that this would function as a band, as well as a solo project for him, and Mike and I were both happy with the plan. We all wrote music for the project, and Edgar steered the ship. This is where my composition Big Country first saw the light of day. We did some significant touring with this group, and it developed into a very special recording and live experience. It’s a very acoustically satisfying recording and has elements of classical composition blended in with whatever the heck it is that you call the stuff me and Mike and Edgar like to do.